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GAEBA welcomes Vision Share
as new Sector Member

What is the mission of Vision Share? 

Vision Share is a non-profit member organization of industry-leading U.S. Eye Banks, and a trusted source for corneal transplant and research tissue. For over 25 years, we have provided surgeons, surgical facilities, and researchers with a reliable and consistent source of ocular tissue. Our Mission: Provide ocular tissue with exceptional service and support global sight restoration.

About yourself: What experience do you have in the field of cornea donation/transplantation and eye banking? 

My name is Phil Fasone, and I am the Executive Director of Vision Share. I joined the world of cornea donation/transplantation and eye banking over 8 years ago as part of Vision Share’s global business development team. My goal was to find surgeons and surgical facilities who did not have local access to ocular tissue for corneal transplants and provide them with a solution through Vision Share’s network of premier eye banks. I came to Vision Share with over 20 years of experience in global business development, customer service, sales, operations, and distribution in life sciences and healthcare education.   As the Vice President of Sales for an international distributor of the American Heart Association, I had the pleasure of collaborating with their executive team to build global awareness of their mission and implement their life saving programs. I then provided educational materials and products to support these programs.  This meant determining client needs, opening reliable distribution channels across the world, and building strategic alliances to support them.

Today, I used that experience to support the global field of cornea donation and transplantation through partnership with the Vision Share network of eye banks.  Vision Share is committed to honoring all donors by finding a home for every gift, and ensuring every patient, regardless of where they live, has an opportunity to receive the gift of sight.

How come Vision Share became a member of GAEBA?

Vision Share became a member of GAEBA to share our knowledge of distribution and customer service in the field of cornea donation and eye banking.  We hope to add value to the organization by sharing our 25 years of experience in eye bank collaboration and global transplant program support.    

What motivated you to do so?

GAEBA asked me to speak at the 2022 Virtual World Eye Bank Symposium about the role of distribution in their session “Demands, Partnership and Duty.” This session highlighted the challenges, roles, and responsibilities of low, middle, and high-income nations when seeking to develop sustainable services and partnerships in the field of corneal tissue donation.  Becoming a member of GAEBA provides Vision Share with the opportunity to continue supporting the eye bank communities’ mission of restoring sight through our role in distribution and client support. 

What are your goals in becoming involved with GAEBA? 

Our goal is to help GAEBA achieve their Strategic Goals.  Working on committees, supporting their events, helping with research, and sharing their message will be a priority. 

What do you expect/wish to get out of being a member of GAEBA?

I hope to learn how Vision Share can be a better partner to the eye banking community. There are many nations around the world in need of corneal transplant assistance, and joining GAEBA is another way for us to support global sight restoration.

Is there anything you would like to share with other GAEBA members or specialists in general in the field of eye banking and cornea donation?

Vision Share is proud to join the GAEBA membership, and we look forward to contributing to the worldwide success of
their mission.  I hope our cooperation will provide additional resources to the membership that will help raise awareness for donation and improve lives by finding new ways to reach those in need of the gift of sight.        

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