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Who We Are

The Global Alliance of Eye Bank Associations inc. is a collective, global organization established by the: Eye Bank Association of America, European Eye Bank Association, Association of Eye Banks of Asia, Eye Bank Association of Australia and New Zealand, and Eye Bank Association of India.

The organization is a member of the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness and the International Council of Ophthalmolgy, and collaborates with sector professionals in regions without eye bank associations – who share common goals and values.

In 2012 a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by representatives from the Associations, and the organization officially formed in 2014, with the intent to develop a peer body to support industry recommendations, best practice and the WHO’s Initiative for Medical Products of Human Originand the Declaration of Istanbul on Organ Trafficking and Transplant tourism.

GAEBA Rules of Incorporation

Our Aim

Our aim is to support and advance eye banking worldwide. Our mission follows the five main objectives outlined in the signed Memorandum of Understanding:

To harmonize eye bank practices around the world, the Associations agree to facilitate the active exchange of best practices, procurement, and medical guidelines. This includes available information on education, training, and research initiatives.

Wherever possible, the Associations agree to share information about upcoming scientific meetings, conferences, and workshops to facilitate coordination of these activities, encourage mutual participation, and support joint organization of specific symposia and workshops. The Associations use their best efforts to publicize upcoming events through the communication channels available to them, including websites, newsletters, and other relevant publications.

The Associations will collectively establish a comprehensive register of eye banks worldwide – to facilitate the collection and publication of data on eye donation and eye tissue transplantation activities worldwide.  

The Associations will undertake to collaboratively work on the development and promotion of global coding, tractability efforts and bio-vigilance systems for ocular tissue.

The Associations agree to work closely together to address emerging and current challenges in eye donation and eye banking. The Global Alliance of Eye Banks takes the position as a global advocate for eye donation and banks, as well as a provider of guidance and the promotion of safe and ethical practices in the donation and transplantation of eye tissue.



GAEBA Stands For Knowledge Transfer And Exchange

The Global Alliance of Eye Banking Associations brings together knowledge and experience in the field of cornea donation and eye banking. GAEBA's central goal is to promote these fields through knowledge transfer, networking and exchange. In doing so, GAEBA also promotes the worldwide establishment of ethical standards and guidelines. As a central contact, GAEBA also assists tissue donation institutions and eye banks in an advisory capacity.

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