GAEBA International Award Winner 2022

Gaeba International Award
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Eversight awarded GAEBA’s inaugural International Award

Announced at the World Eye Bank Symposiumtoday, July 21, Eversight, a US-based global eye bank NGO, was named as GAEBA’s inaugural International Awardee under a new award program dedicated to celebrating the achievements of the eye bank sector.

A panel of independent international eye banking peers selected Eversight from a global pool of candidates. Eversight demonstrated significant achievements in establishing services in multiple countries and with multiple partnerships, and they exhibit a strong focus on increasing capacity for sustainable eye banking infrastructure at the local level by increasing quality and integrity of services.

The panel recognised that Eversight disseminated learnings and knowledge at a global level, making for a strong application. Their significant contributions to global eye banking and the alleviation of corneal blindness through supply of tissue below cost, as well as capacity building in selected countries, were commended by the panel.

“An estimated 285 million people are visually impaired worldwide—many with treatable conditions, but without access to care,” said Collin Ross, Vice President of Partner Relations and Global Development, Eversight.

“We are grateful for GAEBA’s recognition of our work to provide tissue and help developing countries establish their own eye banking infrastructure.

“Working together with local partners, Eversight is proud to help make eye donation and corneal transplantation a reality where the need is greatest,” says Mr Ross.

About the GAEBA Award Program

This is the first time the Global Alliance of Eye Bank Associations (GAEBA) have offered an award program. GAEBA identified that there were limited opportunities to award, recognise and celebrate those working in this field who tirelessly support donors and recipients around the world. By developing the new program, GAEBA can provide that platform and help open up new opportunities for those engaged in the field and support the advancement of donation and transplant services.

The award program will be offered again in 2023.

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