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Data and Mapping Project: Lead: Brian Philippy (EBAA/Lions).
Team: Amber Benbow (EBAA/Lions); Luke Weinel (EBAANZ);
Jake Requard (USA).

Standards (Principles) Project: Lead: Erik Hellier (EBAA/Lions).
Team: Ramona Bashur (EBAA/Eversight); Wajid Ali Khan (Eversight); Christopher Mwangala (Lions); Kristin McCoy (EBAA/Miracles in Sight); Graeme Pollock (EBAANZ/Lions); Mike Tramber (EBAA/Miracles in Sight); Anna Salz (EEBA).

2023 Mombasa Eye Bank Meeting: We acknowledge and thank our partners: Associations: College of Ophthalmology of Eastern, Central and Southern Africa; Eye Bank Association of Australia and New Zealand; Global Alliance of Eye Bank Associations; Lions Clubs International Eye Bank Working Group; Ophthalmology Society of Kenya; South African Tissue Bank Association; World Union of Tissue Bank Associations. Australia: Lions Eye Donation Service at the Centre for Eye Research Australia; Queensland Tissue Bank. Germany: German Society for Tissue Transplantation (DGFG). India: Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital. South Africa: Bone SA; Vitanova. USA: Advancing Sight Network; Miracles in Sight; Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin; Sightlife International.


We are sure you will enjoy working with us and our team.

GAEBA welcomes Associations and organizations engaged in the eye banking, eye tissue and eye care fields to join The Association.
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