Project Launch: Global Register of Eye Banks

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Connecting the world and dataThe Global Alliance is developing a worldwide register of know eye banks to assist future activities and ensure alignment with the World Health Assembly (WHA) Resolution 63.22.2010.

Global Alliance Representative, Dr Graeme Pollock, says that, ‘In order to commence a significant portion of the Global Alliance activities, we need to develop an understanding of where the eye banks are located, what services they provide and what support they may need in the future.

‘The development of a register is the first, and most important, aspect of our Association’s development and will help ensure that we are able to connect and communicate with eye banks around the world on new and ongoing activities.

‘Additionally, the register will assist the eye banking community, long term, to achieve key recommendations such as those outlined in the WHA63.22.2010, which is a ‘call to action’ on human tissue and organ transplantation, that  specifically encourages collaboration, sharing of data and the support for ethically viable services, which are all key objectives of the Global Alliance.

‘At this stage we are encouraging eye banks who are not members of a regional or local eye bank association to contact the Global Alliance directly via;, so that we can connect with them and include them in the global register mainframe,’ says Dr Pollock.


Reference: World Health Assembly. Human tissue and organ transplantation. WHA Resolution 63.22, 2010.

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