GAEBA Membership 2

We are sure you will enjoy working with us and our team.

GAEBA welcomes Associations and organizations engaged in the eye banking, eye tissue and eye care fields to join The Association.
Options are for Sector Membership or Peer Membership
Membership is not available for individuals.

Sector Membership

For associations/organizations that are involved in the donation, procurement, transfer, testing, processing, preservation, storage, allocation and distribution of human ocular tissue.
There are 3 types of Sector Membership. They are:

Membership to GAEBA is automatic for organizations that are members of GAEBA Founding Partner Associations. Participation is through their Representative Association. Their Association acts on their behalf.

See existing partnership list here.

If you want to get involved, please contact your Association Representative.

No fee.

Membership of Eye Bank Associations, that are not already GAEBA partners.

Contact GAEBA

Fee determined upon application.

Organizations that reside in locations not covered by GAEBA existing Partner Associations may apply to join GAEBA directly as an individual member. 

Organizations that are members of existing GAEBA Partner organizations, that wish to be more involved in global activities, may apply as an individual member.

See the benefit table.

Please follow the instructions in the information below.

Peer Membership

For associations/organizations that are not involved in the donation, procurement, transfer, testing, processing, preservation, storage, allocation and distribution of human ocular tissue (e.g. humanitarian organizations, hospitals, universities and research institutes). Please follow the instructions in the information below. See the benefit table for fees.

Download and fill out the membership form!


Application form for Membership

Download and fill out the conduct form.

Conduct Form

Fill out GAEBA's Code of Conduct

Read GAEBA's rules of incorporation.

Rules of Inc.

GAEBA's rules of incorporation

Forms have to be submitted together with a copy of the latest annual report and financial statement and a copy of your rules of inc. or similar.


via mail to

Organizations wishing to become a member of GAEBA must be non-profit and comply with the regulations in their nation/region.
They also must:
a) receive endorsement by an existing GAEBA Founding Partner or their national/regional ophthalmological society or 2 existing Members
b) demonstrate as least 12 months as an established not-for-profit organization;

GAEBA’s fee structure is based on the size/number of employees of the organization (being < 50 staff classified as small-medium; and > 50 staff considered as large), and the per capita income grouping of the organization’s country of registration, in accordance with the World Bank Country and Lending Group Classification System.

Membership fees for organizations that work across multiple-countries will be based on the location of their primary place of registration e.g. their headquarters.

Applications will be reviewed by the GAEBA Executive. GAEBA may contact the applicants endorsing organization to confirm their endorsement of the applicant. Applicants will be notified of the outcome. GAEBA will not provide an explanation for their decision, and their decision is final. Successful applicants will be provided with an invoice to conduct the funds transfer prior to commencement of their membership. 

Please submit your application, or for further questions, to our Chair Heather Machin.