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Welcome Eversight and Lions Clubs International

We welcome two new members, being: Lions Clubs International Eye Bank Working Group, and Eversight, to GAEBA, under our Associations new membership system.

GAEBA Chair, Dr Heather Machin says ‘this is the beginning of a new era for GAEBA and the global community’.

‘Welcoming new members, who are committed to supporting the development of eye tissue and transplant services is important to our global advancement.’

‘There is a great deal to be done around the world, from increasing donation awareness within the community, to increasing donation rates, to evolving processing techniques and the promotion of equitable allocation. Tackling these issues takes global cooperation and participation, so welcoming new members who are willing to tackle these issues is essential for GAEBA and those we serve.’

GAEBA will be formally welcoming LCIEBWG and Eversight at WEBS on the 21st-22nd July. To attend:

For details on membership:

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