Commonwealth Tribute to Life Project

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GAEBA Partners with Birmingham Commonwealth Games Legacy Project to Support Eye Donation and Transplantation.

GAEBA have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Commonwealth Tribute to Life (CTtL) Project, the legacy project of the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games, to tackle ethical access to eye, tissue and organ donation and transplantation services.

The Project, under the leadership of the UK’s National Health Service Blood and Transplant Team, draws upon the historical ties and established relationships of Commonwealth Nations to address the global challenges of eye, tissue and organ donation and transplantation.

The project creates a framework, with nation states and peer professional organisations, for the sharing of knowledge and expertise on ethical donation and transplantation, whilst also promoting connectivity and collaboration between nations.

To-date 42 of the 54 Commonwealth Nations have signed, alongside 19 peer societies and agencies  – with GAEBA the only global eye and tissue society.

“GAEBA is honoured to support the Commonwealth Tribute to Life Project,” says GAEBA Chair Dr Heather Machin.

“The opportunity to share resources and knowledge and support the implementation of services and best practice, across the world – with ethics central to that, is an honour and it speaks directly to our goals and objectives.

“As the only global eye and tissue partner to-date, we have a unique role and responsibility of ensuring eye and tissue donors and transplantation services are recognised and their services advanced.

“With 12.7 million people awaiting a corneal transplant around the world, many located within Commonwealth Nations, and low-middle income nations, then this is a natural fit for GAEBA in our commitment to improving global access in under served areas.

“This partnership will also benefit non-Commonwealth Nations because a gain in one nation is a gain for all.

“We are grateful to be invited to participate in the project and we are looking forward to collaborating with our global colleagues across the eye, tissue and organ community as the project progresses, and as we continue to honour and serve our donors and recipients,“ says Dr Machin.

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The Global Alliance of Eye Bank Associations inc. (GAEBA) aims to improve ethical access to end-of-life ocular donations and improve the equitable allocation of donations for transplantation, research and training.

GAEBA is an internationally recognized association of eye bank associations and sector members. GAEBA supports the WHO’s Initiative for Medical Products of Human Origin, SDS/HIS (Special Service Delivery), the Declaration of Istanbul on Organ Trafficking and Transplantation Tourism, and The Barcelona Principles: An Agreement on the use of Human Donated Tissue for Ocular Transplantation, Research and Future Technologies.

As a not-for-profit, non-government-organization, GAEBA functions to provide peer and professional support, knowledge exchange, advocacy, vigilance, surveillance, and research and continual education opportunities to its members, in line with local, national and international recommended standards of practice.

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