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Statistical Data

On the 1st January 2016, the Global Alliance of Eye Bank Associations commenced their first global statistical data collection period.

The project, advised by the WHO, will capture valuable data to help determine service gaps – and ultimately where and how the international community can support each other.

Initially, the Global Alliance will be collecting annual figures for total donors and total corneal transplants per country. Over time the data frame may change but the intent is to commence with these two items.

All partner Associations have been asked by the Global Alliance to submit their region’s data for each calendar year – starting with 2016 (which means that these will be sent to the Global Alliance in early 2017).

Members who are already submitting data to their Association, do not need to do anything as their Association will automatically add their data to their national total.

Data collected by Associations will be de-identified and submitted to the Global Alliance as one national tally for each country.

The Global Alliance will present and publish the global data for examination by the WHO, transplant, and ophthalmology communities. This will assist these professional bodies, as well as our own, with determining equitable access.

The Global Alliance would like to thank Brian Philippy —member of the EBAA, for his assistance with the development of this initiative.

For eye banks not currently providing data to a regional body, please contact Heather Machin to discuss inclusion


2014 (example of 4 regions)

Partner Association Eye Donors  Corneal Transplants 
European Eye Bank Association 18770 24026
Eye Bank Association of America (including their international members) 68956 75391
Eye Bank Association of Australia and New Zealand 1307 2204
Eye Bank Association of India 23434 20429
Total 112467 122050