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2022 Technician Education Seminar

The Technician Education Seminar hosted by the EBAA is a comprehensive virtual course providing a detailed overview of eye banking. This hybrid course features on-demand sessions and a series of live virtual workshops. The on-demand sessions are released in sections throughout the course and then the live workshops facilitated on Zoom provide interactive activities, demos, and lively discussion around the topics covered in the on-demand presentations. Led by expert faculty, the seminar features lectures, live case study discussions, breakout sessions, networking opportunities, and demonstrations.

This course is intended for beginning eye bank professionals and focuses on the practical, technical, and scientific aspects of eye banking.

The Technician Education Seminar kicks off on January 21, and will include live sessions through March 18. Follow the link for the detailed schedules for the course and the live sessions.

Latest registration: Friday, January 14