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GAEBA started new Annual Award Program. Awardees will be announced at this years World Eye Bank Symposium. This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the diversity, expertise and contributions of individuals and organisations around the world that are involved in the fields of eye donation, allocation, development, transplantation, training and research. Awardees will be recognised for their commitment and contribution at the national and international level.

+++++++++++ The application period for the 2022 Annual Awards has now closed. +++++++++++


There are two Award Categories, being:

  1. Outstanding National Contribution
  2. Outstanding International Contribution

Awardee Benefits

  1. Awardees will be invited to present at the 2022 GAEBA World Eye Bank Symposium (WEBS) on their contribution to the profession and field or the specific project outlined in their application.
  2. Attendance fee will be waved for the 2022 GAEBA WEBS.
  3. GAEBA will promote the awardees within their network and media.
  4. Awardees will have the opportunity to promote their award success to their own network.
  5. Awardees will be invited to be part of the 2023 GAEBA Awardee Judging Committee.

How will the awardee be selected

  1. Nominees that meet the criteria will be forwarded to a Judging Committee (JC) for their review.
  2. The JC will vote independently based on a set criteria.
  3. The JC will be examining how the nominee and/or their project meets the application criteria.

Notification of the Results

GAEBA will notify the nominees of the outcome by late May. The Outcomes are final. GAEBA will not provide comment or feedback on the outcome.

Awardee activities

  1. Upon award acceptance, the successful awardees will be asked to provide a photo and biography of themselves (or their team/s) for promotional purposes within GAEBA’s network and media (e.g. awardee announcements).
  2. They will be invited by GAEBA to participate in the GAEBA WEBS. Upon acceptance, the awardee will be required to meet the Symposium speaker requirements (e.g. provide a presentation overview, presenter declaration, biography and prepare a presentation).
  3. In 2023, they will be contacted and invited to be a member of the 2023 GAEBA Annual Award Judging Committee. Instructions of the role will be provided at that time.

2022 nominee applications for the following year

  • 2022 unsuccessful-nominees may be nominated again in 2023.
  • 2022 successful-awardees may not be nominated in 2023, though may do so again in 2024.

The Judging Committee (JC)

  1. The JC includes individuals from a range of backgrounds, nationalities and positions.
  2. JC members cannot nominate for an award.
  3. JC members cannot vote on a nomination from their organisation/collaborative.

Award Review Management Team

GAEBA has developed an Award Review Management Team, that will:

  1. Oversee the Award process to ensure eligible nominees are fairly considered for the award under uniformed processes.
  2. Confirm the eligibility of the nominee before forwarding to the JC.
  3. Ensure JC members do not vote on applications from their own organisation or those they are involved in.
  4. Collate the JC results to determine the outcome.
  5. Release the results to the GAEBA Chair and WEBS Convenor for announcement and planning purposes.
  6. Liaise with the awardee, WEBS Convenor and GAEBA Chair to promote the winners and schedule their presentation at the WEBS. Instructions on how to prepare and up-load the presentation will be provided.


Applicants will remain confidential to Award Management Review Team and the JC. Successful-awardees will be publicly listed on acceptance of the award.


We acknowledge and thank our 2022 Award Judging Panel.


Dr Nigel Barker, Barbados, Warren Eye Care

Ms Amanda Davis, Australia, Fred Hollows Foundation and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness

Dr Paul Dubord, Canada, Eyesight International and the University of British Columbia

Ms Teresa Ham, USA, Advancing Sight Network

Dr Graeme Pollock, Australia, Lions Eye Donation Service, Centre for Eye Research Australia

Prof Namrata Sharma, India, All India Institute of Medical Sciences

Dr Sharita Rosalyne Siregar, Indonesia, Lions Eye Bank Jakarta

Dr Howard Cajucom-Uy Yu, Singapore, Singapore Eye Bank, Singapore National Eye Centre

Award Management

Ms Candice Leighton, Australia, Queensland Tissue Bank

Ms Kelsey Considine, Australia, Queensland Tissue Bank